Thursday, 22 November 2018

Eva Dress

As a birthday present to myself, I took myself into Auckland City and to The Fabric Store.  It was my first trip here, and definitely won't be my last.  I was after some linen to make the Tessuti Eva Dress , and they are quite well known for their selection of colours and different weights.  After deliberating over weights and colours for a while,  I ended up buying a midweight linen in vintage brick colourway.

I didn't enjoy pinning and cutting out the pattern, mainly because Miss B had taken over the dining room table with all her study paraphernalia, so my knees and back were over this dress before I even sat down to start sewing it. Of course any time I work on the floor, Meeka is there casting a watchful eye over the proceedings.

Sewing the dress itself was actually not hard, and I was pleasantly surprised at how little the linen seemed to fray with all the handling it had whilst being sewn. The pattern provides photos, links to online tutorials and clear instructions.  Some areas were a little fiddly, especially when attaching all the bias binding.  My only problem was that after attaching my beautifully bound sleeves to the bodice, and then trying it on, I realised that my shoulders were just too broad for it to fit comfortably.  At this point I moved onto making the skirt, which has pockets.  Once I attached it to the bodice , I tried it on again and decided the sleeves were going to have to come off.

Tessuti's description of the dress is as follows

 " This loose dress features a bodice that sits at high waist and a panelled, lantern-shaped skirt with side pockets "

I think after a couple of washes, the linen will soften a little more and the lantern effect will not be as pronounced. I made the XS size, but am wondering, if I made it again, to make the skirt in XXS so it's not so full. It could also be nice made in a heavier weight fabric for a winter dress too.

So while it is not quite the version of the dress I visualised, I still have a lightweight comfortable (perfect for indulging on Christmas Day) dress for summer.

**Photos courtesy of Miss B


  1. I like it!! I am broad across my shoulders too and have a hard time with fitted things being too tight when they certainly don't look like they would be

  2. Well done Julie, the dress looks amazing.

  3. I love it Julie. I must admit I had to look twice after seeing it with sleeves. It would fit me fine across the shoulders. The smallest part of me...teehee!

  4. Much nicer without the sleeves.........the style and colour really suits you.

  5. Beautiful colour on you. And much better without the sleeves!

  6. Beautiful finish and flattering fit!
    I like the fullness, I think it looks romantic.
    Good for you!

  7. I really think this will wash up into a beautiful relaxed comfy dress... it looks stunning on you! Shame about the sleeves but luckily you have lovely arms... I'm getting to the "must cover up" stage.


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