Saturday, 30 November 2019

Things Here Lately

Believe it or not, I have actually been doing things other than my Folk Flower blocks and admiring my dahlias lately.  So here are some random happenings of what else has been keeping me busy during the month of November.

  • I made a small improv log cabin cushion for my Dad to put behind his back when he's reading.  A mixture of linens in natural, blues and a pop of red.
  • Speaking of reading, I am still doing lots.  This is a new to me author, who writes novels mainly set in Australia.  I really enjoyed this novel, which was about American soldiers who were sent to Australia during WW2, and the racial problems which occurred. Based on actual facts.
  • We have had some stunning sunsets lately, partly due to the smoke which has blown over to New Zealand from the massive bushfires which are burning in Australia.  Praying the get much need rain and relief soon.
  • The vegetable garden is flourishing, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot, cucumber and herbs.
  • Some new dahlias have flowered - Park Princess and El Paso. Lovely strong straight stems will make them perfect for picking.
  • And then there were seven Folk flower blocks.  I have also made myself a design board out of an old noticeboard, which I covered with batting and have propped on my cutting table. I son't have room for a design wall, so this can be moved away if need be.  Currently it's filled with folk  flower block possibilities.
Wish you all a wonderful weekend, let's hope December isn't to chaotic for you all.


  1. Log cabin is one of my favorites. Lovely blue.

  2. Great sewing and even more wonderful dahlias. Those do look like great pickers. Things in your garden are looking Rosie! .

  3. Hi,
    Love the garden photos. Thank you ;-)
    We are excited to get out and ski this week. We received 12 inches of fantastic snow. I am happy to report our winter temps at this time are great for outdoor activities.

  4. Your vegetable patch is looking very healthy, along with your stunning dahlias. I must plant more in my garden next year. Your Folk Flower blocks are growing in number very nicely, they're beautiful Julie.


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