Sunday, 24 August 2014


  • Friday night at the movies with a friend.
  • sewing for The Fox Swap, two down, two to go.  Pattern from here.
  • my bedside table - a lovely pile of new books and poppies from my garden.
  • close up of the above-mentioned poppies.
  • cupcakes in progress for school cake stalls this week - I ran out of papers for them so cut 5" square of baking paper to line the tins.  Icing and decorating with popping candy, is tomorrow night's job.
  • Late afternoon in my backyard - the rainbow chard is still growing well and there are lots of juicy lemons on my small tree.
Hoping you all had a fabulous weekend too,


  1. Impressive fox and a delightful garden.

  2. What lovely images. The fox is great and the garden looks fab.

  3. Great paper piecing! I've read that 'Colour' book - how are you enjoying it? Your garden looks so much greener than mine - love the lemon tree! Have a lovely week. :-)

  4. Love the fox. Looks like lots of work in there... :)

  5. That rainbow chard is gorgeous! And your foxes up there are outstanding!!! I love them!!!!! Now I have to say that I like the look of the baking paper better than the cups! They look as though they were bought from the bakery!! And such a pretty bloom sweet friend! I will have to check out that movie by the way! Hope your week brings you good things and happiness! Nicole xoxo

  6. Ah yes, I'd heard that it was a great movie! Clever foxes! did they take long to do? L

  7. Each of these speak of wonderful times spent around home and with friends. Your garden looks delightful Julie.

  8. No doubt you've seen Juliet's Fox pattern? (Tartankiwi) these blocks look great :) So many lovely lovely things in this post :)


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