Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Life with Books

I am an avid reader, historical, romance, thrillers, cookbooks, biographies, magazines, craft and garden books - all are read and enjoyed. Yesterday I read Brenda's post on books, and the importance they have in her life.  Many of her thoughts resonated with me.


Books have always been an important part of my life and my family's when I was growing up, and they are now with my own family.  There are always piles of books on all our bedside tables, and on shelves throughout the house.

We don't buy very many new books, we all enjoy fossicking through secondhand bookstores, and weekly trips to the library are essential.  There is something exciting about collecting a long awaited reserved book or discovering a new author or series.

There are times in school holidays when I have a "bad mother" day, due to being engrossed in a great book.  I am pleased to see that my children get lost in books too, and think nothing of curling up on their beds or the sofa with their latest read.

With all the technological advances in e-books and kindles, I can only hope that the pleasure of sitting in a comfy spot, getting lost in the pages of an enjoyable book will not be a thing of the past.


  1. Someone commented on my post that she gets books from libraries, but doesn't keep them in her house. I found that kind of sad. She said it makes it look too cluttered. But I think of my shelves of books as friends. And would hate to see them gone. Sure, I purge and give away sometimes. But I get books from a publisher to review before they write the final edited draft, so of course I see mistakes. Still, they're free books! Not turning that down!

  2. You can't make book stacks out of ebooks, can you?! I love a good book stack photo (you do, too, looks like). And I love stacking them up hoping to read them--their physical presence makes me feel a little better, even if I don't have the time just now. Thank you for sharing your book stacks!


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